In Situ Project

Assuming the confluence between a think tank and a professional center, at Fundación Meridiano we are dedicated to analyze international processes with an emphasis on exploring opportunities for Argentina's national development. As part of this objective, we are pleased to announce the In Situ Projectwhich we undertake with the purpose of strengthen the Foundation at the international level, through the performance of the members who are carrying out professional and academic activities abroad.

Within this framework, and from mid-2022, we will begin a tour of different countries in Asia and Africa with the purpose of conducting in situ research that will allow us to better understand the complexity of the world in its different realities. In this sense, the In Situ Project has two fundamental vocations: on the one hand, study the relationship between development conditions and the geopolitical dynamics in which the countries in the process are embedded; and on the other hand, to survey opportunities and potential partners in the strategic agendas that Fundación Meridiano has been developing.

Nos proponemos intercambiar experiencias con los protagonistas locales -tanto del ámbito profesional y productivo como del institucional y académico-, como una forma de nutrir la investigación y consultoría que llevamos adelante en asesoría a organizaciones del sector público y del privado

This interaction with local development agents is invaluable for a situated analysis, while constituting a shared platform for future aspirations. 

In definitive, In Situ's main mission is to find cooperation opportunities and establish lasting partnerships for Fundación Meridiano that contribute to Proyectar Argentina.

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